Winter is here, and the air has become very dry. To improve the indoor environment, many people buy a humidifier for their homes. But how should you choose the right humidifier? For those buying a humidifier for the first time, it can be confusing. Once you have a humidifier, how can you use it healthily? Today, let's learn about how to choose and use a humidifier properly.

Humidifier usage precautions and purchasing tips

I. How to Choose a Humidifier

1. Match the Humidifier to the Room Size

For rooms of 16-20 square meters, choose a humidifier with a capacity of over 270ml/h.

For rooms of 20-30 square meters, choose a humidifier with a capacity of 350-400ml/h.

For rooms of 40-50 square meters, choose a humidifier with a capacity of 540ml/h.

2. Brand Reputation Determines Quality

Humidifiers are not entirely harmless; they can release harmful substances. As long as these substances are kept within safe limits, they won't harm your health. Avoid cheap, unknown brands, which may exceed safe levels of harmful substances and pose a risk to your family. Always check for certification when purchasing.

3. Prefer Ultrasonic or Purified Types

Heated Humidifiers: Effective but can cause burns.

Evaporative Humidifiers: Energy-efficient but blow cooler air, unsuitable for winter.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers: Aesthetically pleasing and effective, but not ideal for large rooms.

Purified Humidifiers: Environmentally friendly with no white dust.

4. Carefully Choose Additional Functions

Humidifiers often come with additional features such as:

Heat Function: Moisturizes skin but can accumulate dirt.

Aromatherapy: Adds fragrance but can harbor dirt.

Air Purification: Suitable for households with elderly or children, and has no radiation.

Automatic Humidity Control: Convenient and user-friendly.

II. Tips for Using a Humidifier

1. How to Determine If Humidification Is Needed

Maintain indoor humidity at 40-60%. If it drops below this range, humidification is needed. In summer, 30-60% humidity at 23-28°C is ideal.

2. Optimal Water Replacement Frequency

Change the water in the humidifier daily and clean it weekly. Stale water can cause secondary pollution.

3. Optimal Humidifier Usage Duration

Use the humidifier for a few hours at a time. Excessive humidity can cause discomfort.

III. Additional Humidifier Usage Tips

1. Best Placement for the Humidifier

Place the humidifier near the air conditioner outlet to distribute the moisture throughout the room effectively.

2. Water Source Requirements

Use filtered water from a water purifier if possible, or boiled and cooled water for better health.

3. When Not to Use a Humidifier

People with rheumatism, bronchitis, asthma, or diabetes should use humidifiers cautiously, as humid air can worsen their conditions.

4. Other Humidification Methods

Decorate with indoor plants.

Keep ornamental fish.

Hang water-ink landscape paintings.

Reduce the use of heating appliances to prevent moisture evaporation.

By following these tips, you can choose and use a humidifier effectively, ensuring a comfortable and healthy indoor environment.

Top Humidifier Brands

1. YADU (YADU): Established in 1987. a famous brand in Beijing, renowned in the air quality field.

2. Midea: Founded in 1968. a leading home appliance group and a highly competitive brand.

3. Philips: Founded in 1891 in the Netherlands, a globally known brand and highly valued.

4. Boneco: Established in 1956 in Switzerland, a leading international company.

5. Longde: A well-known brand in Guangdong, a large enterprise group.

6. Electrolux: Founded in 1919 in Sweden, a global leader in home and professional appliances.

7. Royalstar: A famous Chinese brand and a leading home appliance enterprise.

8. Airmate: Established in 1973 in Taiwan, a highly competitive brand.

9. Gree: Known for small home appliances, with many certifications and honors.

10. EUPA: Founded in 1978 in Taiwan, a well-known international group.

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