As people's living standards improve, more and more attention is being paid to quality of life. Household vacuum cleaners, as common household appliances, have become standard equipment for young families, and choosing a suitable vacuum cleaner is a concern for many households.

Today, let's explore the primary considerations when purchasing a vacuum cleaner: the top 10 vacuum cleaner brands ranking.

1. Dyson

Dyson quickly became the leader of the UK household vacuum cleaner industry in a very short time. Since then, it has entered various international markets, capturing a large number of users with its strong performance and unique design style, taking the lead. Of course, this is also due to the in-depth investigation of user needs by the R&D team behind it and continuous technological innovation. You might only complain about Dyson, "Why are you selling at such high prices?"

What are the best vacuum cleaner brands (Top 10 Vacuum Cleaner Brands Ranking)

2. Bosch

Bosch, as one of the Fortune Global 500 companies, continues the precision craftsmanship of German household appliances in its vacuum cleaners and has always adhered to the high-end route. Since vacuum cleaners are not its main business, there is not much publicity, resulting in comparable performance to Dyson but far less recognition. The dual-battery design makes endurance a major highlight for Bosch.

3. LEC

LEC is currently one of the most promising domestic brands that may surpass Dyson. Although it started with OEM production, after many years of precipitation, both its production and processing level and technological research and development have made great breakthroughs. The creation of the sub-brand LEC Jimmy has become one of the leaders in domestic vacuum cleaners. Although its product strength can already compete with Dyson, its audience is not large, and market acceptance still has much room for improvement. It's proud to see domestic brands enter the top three, but this is not the ultimate goal.

4. Miele

Although Miele is a local brand in Germany, it is highly favored in the United Kingdom and the United States, and has been repeatedly rated as the "most favored brand" by Reader's Digest in the United States. Miele has always focused on canister vacuum cleaners. Although handheld vacuum cleaners are popular now, it still adheres to its principles. It must be acknowledged that Miele's accumulation in canister vacuum cleaners over the years, thanks to the brand's adherence, provides high-quality products for people who love canister vacuum cleaners.

5. Philips

Philips was one of the first leading domestic vacuum cleaner brands in China and ranked first for consecutive years. Because China's cleaning appliance industry started relatively late, Philips, as the first to try, injected fresh blood into the Chinese market. It also focuses on traditional canister vacuum cleaners and, together with the powerful Miele, provides many durable and cost-effective vacuum cleaners. Now, it is also updating handheld vacuum cleaners synchronously.

6. Panasonic

Panasonic, as an old household appliance brand, only targeted the vacuum cleaner field in recent years. With a solid R&D team and mature production lines, it has achieved good results. It mainly promotes affordable vacuum cleaners and high-end flagships. Although its vacuum cleaner range is complete, it hasn't been in the market for long, so the series are not many.

7. Xiaomi Mi

As a smart home brand under Xiaomi, Mi Home wasn't highly regarded at the beginning. Over the years, Mi Home has brought us surprises one after another, becoming the pursuit of many people with "Xiaomi whole house" becoming a trend. Mi Home's vacuum cleaners are mainly produced by some OEM companies in Xiaomi's ecosystem, such as Stone and Zimi, which have relatively mature technologies in the field of cleaning homes. Mi Home vacuum cleaners still adhere to the route of high cost performance.

8. Midea

Midea's entry into the vacuum cleaner field is not only due to its own technological accumulation but also mainly from the previous integration of EUREKA (a century-old American vacuum cleaner brand) and Toshiba, one providing a lot of vacuum cleaner experience and the other providing technical support for charging products. Combined with Midea's already good user base in China, its vacuum cleaner market performance is good.

9. Electrolux

Electrolux is one of the world's top vacuum cleaner sellers and has been researching vacuum cleaners since 1912. inventing the canister vacuum cleaner, which was once extremely popular in the canister vacuum cleaner field. However, the subsequent rise of handheld vacuum cleaners has had a considerable impact. Today, canister vacuum cleaners are still representative of Electrolux, and the handheld vacuum cleaners being developed are gradually being perfected.

10. Karcher

As a well-known German home appliance brand, Karcher has been focusing on cleaning equipment since its establishment in 1935. formerly known as Kärcher. Like Electrolux, it mainly promotes canister vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaners are not Karcher's main focus either, so consider Karcher when purchasing canister vacuum cleaners.