With the popularization of healthy eating habits, more and more people are paying attention to their dietary habits. As a healthy and convenient cooking tool, air fryers have been favored by more and more families. So, which brands of air fryers are most popular among consumers on the market? Based on comprehensive online data, we have selected the top ten brands of air fryers in 2023. Here are the top ten:

1. Philips: As a globally renowned home appliance brand, Philips' air fryers have won consumers' love with their high quality, innovative technology, and stylish design. Philips air fryers use unique Rapid Air technology, which can cook delicious food in a short time while maintaining the food's nutrients and texture.

What is the number one brand of air fryer?

2. Joyoung: Joyoung, as a well-known domestic small home appliance brand, is known for its high cost-effectiveness and practicality. Joyoung air fryers feature multiple intelligent cooking modes to meet the needs of different users, making cooking simpler and more convenient.

3. SUPOR: SUPOR air fryers have become hot-selling products in the market with their outstanding quality and innovative design. SUPOR air fryers are made of stainless steel material, which has excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, ensuring a longer service life.

4. MIDEA: As a leader in domestic home appliance brands, Midea's air fryers feature high quality and intelligence. Midea air fryers use intelligent temperature control systems to accurately control cooking temperatures, ensuring delicious and nutritious food.

5. Panasonic: Panasonic air fryers have earned consumers' trust with their Japanese quality and exquisite craftsmanship. Panasonic air fryers use unique spiral hot air circulation technology, which can heat food more evenly for better cooking results.

6. Bear: Bear air fryers are loved by young consumers for their cute appearance design and practical functions. Bear air fryers feature one-touch operation, making cooking simpler and easier.

7. LIVEN: LIVEN air fryers have earned a place in the market with their affordable prices and good reputation. LIVEN air fryers feature multiple safety measures to ensure user safety during use.

8. Yamamoto: Yamamoto air fryers are loved by consumers for their simple design style and practical functions. Yamamoto air fryers feature a detachable design, making it convenient for users to clean and maintain.

9. ROYALSTAR: ROYALSTAR air fryers have high visibility in the market with their stable performance and good reputation. ROYALSTAR air fryers feature multiple cooking modes to meet the different needs of users.

10. Biyi: Biyi air fryers are loved by young consumers for their stylish appearance and practical functions. Biyi air fryers feature intelligent temperature control systems to ensure delicious and nutritious food.

These ten brands of air fryers each have their own characteristics, providing consumers with a rich selection. When choosing an air fryer, consumers can choose the brand and model that best suits their needs and budget. Hopefully, this article can help you make a wise choice when purchasing an air fryer.