As the saying goes, "Choose the right carpet, and life is worry-free." Selecting a carpet is truly a skillful task. Without careful consideration, it’s easy to make a poor choice, leading to headaches in daily cleaning and maintenance.

With the weather cooling down, many are considering purchasing carpets. As a "visual centerpiece" of home decor, carpets not only provide warmth, anti-slip functionality, and comfort but also enhance the taste of home decor, making the space instantly cozier. So, which styles of carpets are easy to maintain? Which carpet brands on the market are worth buying? Today, we’ll introduce you to some in detail:

1. KeLaiAo Carpet

KeLaiAo, as a leading domestic carpet brand, offers high cost-effectiveness and quality, making it the top choice for consumers. The materials of their carpets are comfortable, durable, and easy to clean. With occasional maintenance, the carpet can stay clean and tidy. KeLaiAo carpets come in various styles, with excellent craftsmanship, featuring unique and durable designs.

Top 10 Carpet Brands Ranking

2. QingShanMeiSu Carpet

QingShanMeiSu is a trendy home carpet brand targeting the high-end market, with relatively high prices and lower cost-effectiveness. QingShanMeiSu emphasizes original designs, presenting styles that are both fashionable and retain traditional cultural elements. Their carpets are mainly made of wool blend materials, very soft, with delicate and durable edges. Regular vacuuming is sufficient for maintenance, making it not too troublesome.

3. MiXuan Carpet

MiXuan is an emerging designer brand focused on home carpets, with styles that appeal to young people, such as fresh and minimalist designs. With high cost-effectiveness, it’s a top choice for young consumers. Their carpets are made of environmentally friendly plush materials, with non-slip backing, a soft touch, and can be washed by hand or machine, making them easy to maintain.

4. BangTuShi Carpet

BangTuShi specializes in easy-to-clean, washable-free leather carpets, focusing on practicality and convenience. It provides a very convenient home cleaning solution, making it the top choice for lazy people. Besides being washable-free and easy to maintain, their carpets come in various styles to meet different consumer preferences. For those who dislike the hassle and lack the time to maintain carpets, BangTuShi leather carpets are an excellent choice.

5. BuLuLuoMan Carpet

BuLuLuoMan carpets are known for their softness and the ability to be freely cut as needed. They feature simple and pure styles with elements of nature, easily matching various home decor styles. However, their carpets are mainly solid-colored, which makes them stain-prone and difficult to clean, and their prices are relatively high.

6. DaJiang Carpet

DaJiang carpets are comfortable, highly absorbent, eco-friendly, reliable in quality, and reasonably priced. Their quality and cost-effectiveness are commendable. With an exclusive team of designers, they offer diverse styles and frequent product updates. Additionally, their carpets are easy to clean, suitable for hand or machine washing without shedding or deforming, though their durability is average.

7. SiDiManNi Carpet

Specializing in entryway mats, SiDiManNi is a leading brand in the doormat industry. Their carpets are made of Belgian velvet, very soft and comfortable to step on, ideal for those who love velvet carpets. However, velvet carpets require frequent cleaning and maintenance, and their prices are relatively high with lower cost-effectiveness.

8. ShanHua Carpet

ShanHua Carpet, a brand under ShanHua Carpet Group, is widely recognized for its high quality, diversity, eco-friendliness, and innovative designs. They mainly focus on commercial carpets, offering diverse, stylish, and novel designs suitable for hotels, banquet halls, conference rooms, and other public places.

9. DongSheng Carpet

DongSheng primarily offers commercial carpets and is one of China's well-known carpet brands. It has passed multiple authoritative domestic and international environmental certifications, excelling in eco-friendliness. Their carpets are comfortable to touch, elastic, durable, resistant to wear, with good color fastness, and easy to clean.

10. KaTiFeiYa Carpet

KaTiFeiYa is a brand that emphasizes quality and innovation, specializing in high-end Wilton woven carpets suitable for villas and clubs. Their carpets feature clear patterns, dense and soft textures, and are non-shedding, colorfast, and non-collapsing, though they come at a higher price.

These are the carpet brand rankings! When choosing carpets, it’s important to understand the brand and ensure quality. Additionally, understanding the carpet material and ease of cleaning can help in selecting the most suitable carpet for your needs.